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Acupuncture & EFT

Acupuncture, Weight Loss and Emotional Freedom Techniques

Nancy Lowe, L.Ac., Santa Cruz

30 May 2011

My weight hasn’t been a big issue in my life, but I did over eat and eat when I wasn’t hungry.

I would eat at night when I was bored or tired or lonely or had had a long day and wanted to reward myself. I come from a long line of overeaters, eat until you are just way too full and uncomfortable.

These behaviors stopped after I had a weight loss group in my office and we used the EFT tapping techniques on those aspects.

I now stop eating when my body tells me it has had enough. I don’t eat at night anymore, not because I resist the urge but because I no longer have the urge. If I feel my appetite getting out of balance i simply do some tapping and the cravings disappear. I feel better about myself and I have lost weight.

“I have seen these same results in my clients.”

Cravings and obsessing about food disappear. Food and weight issues are very often complex and have a lot of emotions wrapped up in them and may take some time to unravel. Emotional Freedom Techniques are a fabulous tool to get to the root of your food issues and eradicate them. EFT gives you a way to address cravings and emotions as they arise, anytime, anywhere. Whatever you do to sabotage you best efforts to be at your ideal weight, we can tap those away.

I combine Chinese Medicine with EFT for a comprehensive approach to weight loss. This powerful combination of acupuncture and EFT will support you physically and emotionally and give you the tools you need to lose weight and keep it off.

Please contact me today for a free consultation to find out if this is right for you.

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