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Nancy Lowe’s blend of acupuncture and EFT is remarkable! I’ve connected with a new lightness of being that I’m pretty sure is transforming my life. The sessions are deep, interesting journeys that –no matter how many tears I might shed– are truly, ultimately, fun. I don’t know what the secret serum of EFT is, but Nancy is clearly a gifted teacher as well as healer, and I’m very grateful for this work. Thank you!

-Andrea Steiner, Santa Cruz

Thanks for the holiday card. I am doing well, thanks to you. I am managing the arthritis with the help of your acupuncture—-no pills except multivitamins. As for my mind and spirit, I owe you the emotional freedom and my peace of mind. You taught me to enjoy the moment, to realize how lucky I am to have friends and family who love me for who I am. Yes, B.is getting more forgetful all the time, but I am grateful for what he has meant to me throughout our marriage. You have given me the sense of treasuring my life.

-N.R., Santa Cruz

All disciplines have trained practitioners. More rarely, an intuitively gifted healer will choose to express their gift through the medium of that training. Nancy is such a healer. If you are suffering, beat a path to her door.

-Anthony McNaught, Santa Cruz

I have been doing EFT with Dr. Lowe for the past six months. The results have been amazing. It really does work. I had a lot  of anxiety & stress in my life & now because of Dr. Lowe & EFT, my life is much more peaceful. I highly recommend EFT.

– Brian Iles, Retired Special Ed Teacher.

When I first went to see Nancy this spring,  I was limping, and every step I took was painful. Several months ago I fell down a flight of stairs and landed with my left foot twisted backwards at the ankle underneath my full weight.  Although most of the initial swelling and the bruising went away after about 6 weeks, the discomfort did not. After 4 acupuncture treatments, it is completely pain free and I am walking normally again.

At the time of our first session, I was concurrently feeling extremely stressed, exhausted and experiencing what I feared might be the onset of a stomach ulcer, with frequent heartburn and reflux symptoms. A combination of acupuncture and EFT treatments almost entirely eliminated these complaints as well in a little less then a month.

As an MFT, and fellow health care professional, for several decades now I have also been referring clients and colleagues suffering from symptoms of depression, anxiety, and menopause to Nancy Lowe, because she offers a unique blend of emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical healing methodologies in a warm, welcoming, and soothing environment.”

– Erin O’Shaughnessy of Santa Cruz

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I began doing EFT with Nancy around a traumatic loss that I experienced a few years earlier that left me stuck in a complicated grieving process filled with debilitating shame and guilt.  Though I am a psychotherapist, I found that traditional talk therapy did not help and actually intensified my symptoms at times.   After just a few sessions with Nancy, I felt a freedom from the guilt and shame that kept me from feeling alive and fully living my life.  The results of my work with Nancy have sustained the test of time and potential triggers as well.  Nancy is a compassionate practitioner with a gift that can impact anyone’s life in a positive way.   As a psychotherapist, and as someone who has experienced the profound benefits of Nancy’s work, I recommend her with out hesitation.  Whether you have struggled with an issue long term or are dealing with something that is more recent, give yourself the gift of healing with Nancy and see for yourself, how empowering her work is. ”

– K.M. of Santa Cruz

I’ve known Nancy for many years and have benefited greatly from her treatments. She is a great diagnostician and very competent. She was able to help me in ways that allopathic MD’s were not. I highly recommend her.”

– Nancy Mager of Los Gatos

My sister, Ann referred me to Nancy for a problem I had with my sciatic nerve. I had been living in pain for several years. I couldn’t sleep well at night, and sitting or standing for long periods of time was pure agony. Not being a needle person I was very hesitant about going to Nancy. I have been pain free now for over 10 years. I have gone to Nancy for headaches and most recently for menopausal symptoms. I have and would recommend Nancy to anyone.”

– Kay Barr of Watsonville

Nancy has been my acupuncturist for at least 12 years. During that time she has helped me with chronic and acute issues. It doesn’t matter what I see her for, I always feel better after being seen by her. She has even helped me with things that I didn’t think could be affected by acupuncture such as weakness in the knees! I have recommended Nancy to all my friends and family. They love her and recommend her to others as much as I do!”

– Ann E. Shelley of Watsonville

EFT brought my limiting thoughts to the surface almost immediately. Within minutes I felt a huge release of negative emotion. My food and alcohol cravings have since lost their grip and I feel much more balanced. By combining EFT with acupuncture Nancy offers an invaluable service.”

– A.B., Santa Cruz

I am very fortunate to have Nancy as my acupuncturist. I know she is a teacher at an acupuncture school and has many years experience but I did not expect such dramatic results so quickly! I had a shoulder injury… With only a brief exam and a few needles Nancy was able to release the pain. It felt about 80% better in one treatment, range of motion had improved too, and I even felt like my arm was suddenly stronger! After the second visit I noticed further improvement! I am thrilled to be well off the Ibuprofen and free of the constant pain. I highly recommend Nancy’s work!”

– Brooke Baggett of Los Altos

Over a couple of months the stomach pain and overall anxiety I was feeling was getting much more intense. Nancy suggested we try EFT and explained the concept to me since I had no experience with the treatment. Lying on the table, Nancy had me repeat a simple statement “My abdomen is in pain and it scares me.” While saying these words and receiving the EFT from Nancy a great deal of emotion erupted. It was only a couple of minutes into the treatment that I was unable to speak because I was crying so extensively. By the end of the treatment, we had traced my pain and anxiety back to my battle with cancer and the fear of being sick that had been buried over 10 years prior. My stomach pain and anxiety was immediately resolved and has yet to return. I was a skeptic turn convert afterexperiencing EFT with Nancy.”

– Anonymous by request

Nancy has facilitated deep shifts in my core issues ….Each session chisels away layers of deep seated issues and that of my pain body . It has been a profound experience , especially after the death of my father.that has released me from several of my old patterns and perceptions .I feel a greater sense of clarity and a sense of deeper peace . I feel very grateful for this work.”

– S. T., Santa Cruz

I highly recommend Nancy as a practitioner of the highest order. I have known Nancy for many years and I have witnessed how her integrity and commitment to healing extends to her clients and to her own personal journey. Her skills as an acupuncturist along with a generous heart and a sense of humor quickly moves one along to rebalance the body. I am particularly impressed with the work she is doing with EFT and how she integrates the subconscious and the emotions within an acupuncture session producing profound results. We are lucky to have her in our community!”

– Rita Rivera

I have been a patient of Dr. Lowe for nearly 20 years. As a very active person, 40 years of surfing and over 50 years of riding (and racing) bicycles, I’ve had many sports related injuries. My acupuncture treatments with Dr.Lowe have always been more helpful than any other form of treatment I’ve sought (chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, etc.). Most recently I had a nagging shoulder injury that kept me off the surfboard. After one treatment I felt almost complete relief from the pain and am now back in the water. ”

– Ron Davis

EFT really worked for me! I am a medical student who found it hard to do a patient intake. My anxiety over meeting with patients led to sleepless nights, heart palpitations, and sweating. After 3 treatments from Nancy, my anxiety level went from a 8/10 to an easily manageable 2/10! I now look forward to my clinic rotations and have passed along this wonderful therapy to others in need.”

– S. Parker

I see Nancy for EFT work when I feel stuck or overwhelmed by an issue—for me these have been chronic issues but I would see Nancy for an acute crisis also. Through Nancy’s respectful inquiry, witnessing my process, and reframing as she taps on meridian points we enter an dynamic interchange in which the emotional charge around the issue is diffused and my “story” about it is reframed. I leave the session with a sense of neutrality and empowerment, and on some level fundamentally changed; energy that had been bound up in counterproductive responses has been released and I have the freedom to choose healthier patterns. Being witnessed and guided by Nancy is an experience of feeling safe, respected and deeply seen for all of who I am. She marries pragmatism and spirituality in a grounded approach to help effect change.

– Cori Troiani, Santa Cruz

I know Dr. Nancy Lowe for several years now and I have called her office for treatments many times for various physical pains and also emotional upsets and always got help and experienced great relief. Recently my brother died in tragic circumstances and I have seen Nancy twice now to help me with my grieving process. She treated me simultaneously with both acupuncture and EFT. Not only did the pain in my right leg disappear and the spasm in my chest so that I can breath freely again but I am also deeply impressed by how efficiently and straight to the point Nancy guides me to until then unconscious underlying false beliefs of guilt and inadequacy surrounding this tragedy and helps me to release them. Although I am still sad that my brother passed away I don’t feel numb anymore but at peace with it and my body is energized again. I feel completely safe with Dr. Nancy Lowe! Not only do I trust her profound professional knowledge and impeccable intuition but I also absolutely respect her as a deeply compassionate wonderful human being and friend! I gladly refer her to my friends and it makes me happy to listen to their success stories of healing.

– Dietmar Ahlersmeyer, Santa Cruz

I was much more comfortable and had less pain after the acupunture sessions with Nancy. Nancy had wonderful insights about what I needed. Not only the acupuncture helped, but the herbs she prescribed also helped, and they are much more affordable than western style supplements and go straight to the issue.

– T. S., Santa Cruz

Going to Nancy helps me  both emotionally and physically. Nancy’s use of acupuncture  and Chinese medicine is brilliant.  I have been to several acupuncturists. For me, Nancy is the best. Her kindness, wisdom, knowledge and patience have resulted in not only my own healing, but also more understanding of my body, and it’s particular reactions and needs.

– T. S., Santa Cruz

I am diabetic and had had trouble controlling my blood sugar levels.  After periodic treatments by Nancy my blood sugar level dropped and was considered “controlled.” My energy increased and I felt great.

– Jim Cole, Retiree



I had been experiencing strong asthma symptoms due to a very bad cold with a possible secondary infection.  Nancy gave me acupuncture, used a cupping technique on my back and gave me herbs.  Within a couple of days I was feeling so much better and never ended up with a secondary infection. I was incredibly impressed with the treatments given to me that day.  I almost always need to take antibiotics to get over bad colds, flus. etc.  Your acupuncture care has given me new hope for a healthy long term approach to illness without side effects.  Much thanks-

– J.W., Santa Cruz



I was experiencing incredible anxiety and wasn’t sure the reasons for it. Using EFT with Nancy around the anxiety, amazingly began to dissipate. I have worked with Nancy before using EFT and the results have been wonderful.  I have always felt a lot more grounded around the issue in hand if not completely at ease with it.  Love EFT!  Love this work!!

– J.W., Santa Cruz


Nancy is a wonderful, intuitive and trusted practitioner. Her EFT and acupuncture treatments deeply facilitated my processing through old emotional dynamics. It is hard to describe it on the experiential level. I do know that working with Nancy provided deep emotional freedom. I highly recommend her to all that want to lighten their load!

– N.M., Santa Cruz



Nancy Lowe is a wonderfully talented Acupuncturist and EFT practitioner. She is experienced, knowledgeable, warm, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to find unique points and combinations to help you! When she sees you she meets you and your body’s needs wherever you are in that moment.

I’ve suffered from hormone issues and endometriosis for years and she has helped me tremendously! My body responds well to her treatments. My hormones are more balanced and the excruciating pain associated with my cycle has diminished substantially since I’ve been seeing Nancy regularly.

The EFT work she has done with me has been transformative. I’ve seen distinct changes in my mind and body from the work she does.
I highly recommend Nancy Lowe for both Acupuncture and EFT. My sessions with her are a highlight in my week!

– Victoria, Santa Cruz