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I am dedicated to getting the results you’re looking for and I’m confident that by working together, we can do that. I am here to be a facilitator, a resource and a support for you on your journey to achieving your long-term goals for your health and in life. I treat a very broad spectrum of health issues in my practice and I use a number of acupuncture styles to do that.

We live in interesting times and we need support on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT] and Chinese Medicine are a potent combination to provide that comprehensive support.

Over the years I have acquired a lot of tools in my tool bag. I’ve learned numerous ways to approach an acupuncture treatment and having choices gives me more flexibility to tailor the treatment to fit your needs. This is something I love about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in particular, it never gets boring and each patient is unique.

Emotional Freedom Techniques:

A large portion of illness is preceded by a trauma of some kind. Emotional stress wears down our immune system. It makes everything harder to deal with and is often at the root of what ails us. It is imperative to clear unresolved emotional trauma in order to heal and regain balance.

Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT] is a remarkably simple and effective modality to neutralize emotional stress and rebalance our energy system following emotional trauma. It is done by gently tapping on a set of acupuncture points while verbalizing about the stressful situation. The verbalizing focuses your system on the problem or event and the tapping stimulates the channels to come back into balance relative to the topic. The negative emotions surrounding the event are released from your energy system and thinking about the issue no longer causes distress. Studies have shown that the part of the brain that stores emotional memory, the amygdala, activates during EFT.Emotional Freedom Technique

It doesn’t matter how long ago the trauma occurred or if it was minor or big, if it’s impacting your life we can deal with it. EFT is not therapy, it doesn’t replace therapy and I’m not a therapist, but it is powerful tool and can be a useful adjunct to therapy.

The EFT tapping is something anyone can learn in a few minutes and use anywhere anytime for immediate relief. However, for more complex issues, such as childhood trauma or depression, there is much to be gained by having an experienced practitioner guide you through the experience.

My main modalities of care are acupuncture, herbal medicine and Emotional Freedom Techniques. I also use a number of very effective adjunctive therapies that have been part of Chinese Medicine for a very long time.


Moxa is the application of heat to an acupuncture point or area of the body. This is warming, vitalizing to circulation and tonifying to the qi and blood. It is very pleasant and relaxing and something that can also be done at home.


Cupping is the application via suction of a “cup’ to the affected area. Cupping is most frequently used for muscular pain and stiffness but is also commonly used on the upper back in the case of coughs, colds and wheezing. It has been used all over the world and you may have seen it done in the movies. It leaves some discoloration to the skin that resolves in a few days.

Ear Acupuncture:

Ear acupuncture or auricular acupuncture is a highly effective tool for treating everything from musculo-skeletal problems to addiction to internal medicine cases. The ear is a micro-system that reflects the entire body. This means that nearly every part of the body has a corresponding point in the ear. These points can be needled or a small seed can be taped to the point to give it a continuous stimulation. The patient wears the ear seeds home and this gives a more lasting effect.

Herbal Medicine:

Herbal medicine is an important part of Chinese Medicine and is invaluable in the treatment of all kinds of conditions. The herbs are taken on a daily basis and provide support between acupuncture treatments.

I use only high quality herbal products that have been tested for heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants. These come in pill form or granules, which are both, easy to take and require no cooking.

My Patients

I effectively treat a wide variety of ailments and people in my practice. Aches and pains from arthritis to sports injury, digestive complaints, allergies and asthma, anxiety and hormone imbalances are all issues that respond well to Chinese Medicine and EFT.

Chinese Medicine and EFT are powerful tools but they can’t off set consistently unhealthy life style choices. The people who benefit the most from treatment are also using treatment preventively and making healthy lifestyle choices. Together we can figure out how you can support yourself in achieving optimum health.

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I’d be honored to part of your journey in this life. I hope to hear from you soon.

About The Author

Dr. Nancy Lowe DAOM, L.Ac.

Nancy Lowe has both a California state acupuncture license and a national license.
She began her career in holistic health over 30 years ago with an interest in natural foods and nutrition. She became a certified massage therapist and soon afterward she was enrolled at Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She received her acupuncture license in 1987. She has been a professor at Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1994. In 2008 after 2 years of rigorous study with many eminent Chinese and American practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM], which included study at Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou China; she received her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine [DAOM].

Nancy continues to study energy and herbal medicine as it applies to the body, mind and spirit. She brings a comprehensive skill set to the treatment room and has the tools to address each patients unique set of health issues from those of the physical body to those of the spirit.