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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

What are your ULTIMATE GOALS in life?

I am referring to PEACE, JOY, FREEDOM, VITAL GOOD HEALTH and being at peace with what is happening in the moment. EFT can help you realize your ultimate goals.

This simple and exceptionally effective tool can free you from mental and emotional baggage that keeps you trapped in the past and stuck in old habits and spinning your wheels with the same old issues over and over again.

EFT is not therapy and does not replace therapy when it is needed. It can however be a very fast and effective technique when therapy has failed to provide the results you’re seeking.

This is sometimes deep work and I approach it with compassion, kindness and patience.

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How Does EFT Work?

Chinese medicine has always known that the emotions are the biggest cause of internal imbalance and illness. When we experience an upsetting event this causes a disruption in our meridians, our body’s energy system. This disruption of our energy system generates negative emotions. A physiological pattern gets established around the event and when something reminds us of that situation we experience the emotions all over again.

EFT balances the meridian system by tapping designated acupuncture points on the face and body, while verbalizing about the problem. Restoring the balance to the energy system neutralizes emotional conflict at the source. It doesn’t matter whether the disturbing event happened when you were very young or 10 minutes ago.  EFT targets the specific event and the related emotions.

EFT has the capacity to free people from emotional baggage that generates poor health habits, anxiety, depression and even symptoms of disease.

Combining Acupuncture With EFT

I love the combination of acupuncture and EFT because the acupuncture supports the physical body to stay balanced and work as efficiently as possible while the emotional issue is being addressed with EFT. Using acupuncture with EFT also gives me the ability to address one issue with the acupuncture and another with the EFT.

Do I Have to Use it With Acupuncture?

No, EFT is very effective when used by itself. If you prefer we can do only EFT.

Anyone can use it on himself or herself for anything, anytime, anywhere.

EFT is a simple to apply, non-invasive technique. I can teach you the Emotional Freedom Technique in a few minutes, thus giving you a tool that you can use anytime throughout your day. We can also do an EFT session over the phone or computer. So no matter where you live we can work together.

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EFT IS a Tool for Transformation

I am here to provide the acupuncture and to guide you through the rough spots. It is useful to have someone help you navigate through the emotions that come up while tapping. I also can tap on you while the needles are in.

I know from personal experience that this works and can change your life.

I invite you to take this opportunity to learn and use these tools to transform the same old patterns that you have been going around and around with. You can change this cycle.


What EFT is Not

It is not a cure all. It is a tool that when used properly can help us regain our emotional balance, physical strength and spiritual depth.

  • It is not hypnosis, positive affirmation, Reiki, laying on of hands, prayer, NLP or any other form of energy work.
  • It is not a replacement for psychological counseling or medical care from an M.D.

It is not a replacement for interpersonal communication or the behaviors and skills that make relationships work.


How to do EFT

EFT Homework