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EFT Techniques

EFT, Aversion and Equanimity

Nancy Lowe, LAc.

Nancy Lowe, L.Ac., Santa Cruz, CA

7 April 2015

When an uncomfortable feeling arises,my first response is to tap on it so it goes away. There is an experience of having an aversion to the feeling.

“EFT demands that we be present with the emotion, that’s good, but what about the element of aversion?”

I love the Buddhist idea of equanimity. Being present and open-hearted to whatever arrives in our experience, without judgment. This is a demonstration of trusting life and trusting our process. Aversion to our feelings and experience generates suffering. It’s stressful to argue with life. It’s stressful to be in judgment of what is and what we’re feeling.

it is common for people to be averse to their feelings. As children, many of us had the experience that our feelings upset people or weren’t safe,were too overwhelming etc. So we learned to stuff our feelings, deny them, fear them. Aversion to a feeling doesn’t make it go away or heal it. Tapping on the aversion can make the process of release and healing easier.


Let it Go - EFT

EFT, Aversion, Equanimity

Tapping helps us be less argumentative with life. Tapping helps discharge the emotions around an experience, this helps us arrive at equanimity. When I notice that I’m having an emotional charge around something,I know I’m fighting with what life has brought to my doorstep, or an old story has been triggered. I’m practicing aversion. It feels bad to feel bad. I want to feel good. So I tune in and tap.

In the exploration of equanimity, I have been tapping on the aversion to the emotion before I tap on the emotion. I find this helps the release and forgiveness of it all. If I have no aversion to my shame, fear etc. it is so much easier to resolve. It takes the fight out of my response to whatever upset me.

“It’s giving up judgment.”

I was having a particularly difficult time releasing some very old shame and fear. When I gave up the aversion I felt for those experiences and the feelings they generated and instead held who I was then, in love,it allowed a very big shift to happen. Unconditional love, equanimity for all things, even the darkest of human experiences, facilitates the release of that experience.

“The practice of EFT is an experience in self acceptance, releasing judgment of others and facilitating a peaceful attitude towards life.”

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