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EFT Homework

Acupuncture keeps the physical working efficiently. EFT addresses the emotional aspect. The third part that makes this a complete package for personal transformation is a writing assignment that will uproot the emotional issues that keep you stuck. With this information we know very specifically what to address with the EFT.



Ask Yourself:

1. What am I feeling? What are the emotions that are up for me? Describe them.

2. Where in my body do I feel the emotions? Describe what it feels like, its shape, color etc. This helps you establish a relationship with your physical body.

3. Who or what does this emotional state remind me of?

4. How old do I feel in this emotion?

5. On a scale of 1-10, how relevant to the present are these feelings? How relevant to the past are they?

This work is done with COMPASSION and KINDNESS for yourself. Do not judge what comes up during the writing.

Remain an objective observer to your feelings and process. Anything that surfaces is okay.

If you find that you access what feels like a younger aspect of yourself, treat that part of you like you would treat a child of that age who had those feelings.

Change can happen quickly with this process. However, we also need to practice PATIENCE with ourselves as we do this work. There may be multiple layers of emotionality that need to be healed.

It may be appropriate to take a break and let the changes integrate into your being.

The Homework and tapping can release pockets of emotion. This is an opportunity to find out how much charge you’re carrying around inside of you on any given topic. When you know this you can write and tap and release it from your body/mind. You can be FREE of it.



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