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How to Do EFT


  • Choose a target for EFT: an emotion, a block, a belief or any troublesome issue. It is important to be specific about the target of your tapping. For example, focusing on the upsetting thing your co-worker said to vs. ” no one likes me”.
  • Scale the intensity of the feeling or belief on the Intensity Scale of 1-10 [0= no discomfort, 10=very strong discomfort]. This will enable you to gauge your progress.
  • Tap the karate chop point [see diagram] on either one of your hands continuously while repeating the entire SET UP STATEMENT for the issue. Repeat the SET UP STATEMENT 3 times while tapping. The SET UP STATEMENT combines the target and an affirmation.

Tapping Points diagram

An example of a SET UP STATEMENT would be “Even though I have this anxiety about the job interview, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”


Starting at the eyebrow point, begin tapping each point in the wequence of points [see diagram] approximately 7-10 times while repeating the negative reminder phrase for each issue. An example of a reminder phrase would be, “This anxiety about the interview.”

This directs your mind to focus on the negative thought patterns and feelings and allows EFT to neutralize them.


When the number on the intensity scale is down to 4 or 5 you can start adding positive statements to your tapping.

Tap each point approximately 7-10 times while repeating a positive phrase or phrases. An example would be, ” I’d like to be calm and confident during the job interview.”

This allows you to install what you would prefer to experience emotionally in your thought patterns and in your life.


Complete each session with a slow deep breath to help move the energy through your body.

Be sure you are well hydrated during you tapping session!

This process can bring up emotions and memories. These are aspects of the problem that can be tapped on. If you find yourself getting highly emotional just keep tapping and these intense feelings will subside.

I advise you to have an experienced practitioner help you with complex and highly charged issues.

EFT does not replace the services of an M.D. or therapist. Do not do EFT by yourself if you have serious mental health issues.



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