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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotionally generated 30 year old hip and sacral pain

Nancy Lowe, L.Ac., Santa Cruz

8 Aug 2019

A colleague referred a patient in her 50s to me because the acupuncturist thought the patients pain was emotionally generated. She was right.

I asked the patient if she thought her pain had an emotional root. She immediately said yes. When asked what the emotion might be, she knew immediately that it was anger. Anger at who I asked. My husband she replied. How long have you been angry? Since the honeymoon, she said. When was that? Thirty years ago she replied.

It was fantastic that she knew what the emotions were that were causing her pain, but even if she’d had no idea, tapping would have revealed the root cause.

As we tapped on the anger at her husband, we discovered the mind set and beliefs about herself that she brought to the relationship. As is so common, these beliefs came from her family of origin. These limiting beliefs were being played out in her marriage and generating physical pain.

“Before too long her hip pain was resolved. She still had sacral pain which had been diagnosed as arthritis. Tapping got to the beliefs at the root of the sacral pain and that also resolved.”

Once the emotions and beliefs were made conscious, she could address them directly and she didn’t have to create physical pain to get her attention.

The pain resolved fairly quickly. The core issues took a bit longer but that is the process of healing.

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