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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Identifying With Our Experiences

Nancy Lowe, L.Ac., Santa Cruz

7 April 2015

Humans make the error of identifying with our experiences and defining ourselves based on our experiences.

We believe it must be true because it’s my experience vs. it was an experience I had but it’s not who I am.

It’s something that happened but it’s not necessarily how life is or always will be.

Some common examples are; I was abused as a child therefore I am a victim in this life. I was punished for speaking my truth therefore it’s not safe to speak my truth. I wasn’t safe then therefore I’m not safe now.

Angry parents led to violence and danger therefore anger is dangerous and must be avoided. Emotions were met with criticism that means I must hide my feelings. I wasn’t well loved or supported therefore I don’t get to receive love or support. They didn’t love me that means I am unlovable.

Yikes! We get stuck in an identity based on experience. This is totally understandable. As children we are at the mercy of the adults in our life. We have only a childs capacity to interpret what is happening around us. We blamed ourselves when we were lonely, frightened, neglected or abused. We defined ourselves based on our experiences.

“This keeps us locked up in these small, erroneous identities. Your mother did what she did because of her wounds not because you were unlovable. But “I am unlovable” feels so true! Because we have believed all our lives.”

What if believing those things generate more of the same? See it’s true! Look at my life!

This is a fundamental problem humans are faced with.

What if all that crap is just a point of view? What if it’s not true? What if you are enough and always have been enough? What if you can change your point of view?

Often these beliefs that are running our lives aren’t conscious. We need a tool that starts a process of revealing these less then conscious beliefs.EFT is such a tool.

I’m here to tell you. You are enough. You are lovable. Life is safe. The world wants you to show up exactly as you are. We’re all in the same boat.

EFT is a tool for enquiring into and releasing the limiting beliefs and becoming clear about who we really are.

Let’s get EFT up!

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