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Emotional Freedom Techniques

One Minute Wonders

Nancy Lowe, L.Ac., Santa Cruz

20 August 2018

Sometimes with EFT we have what we call “one minute wonders.” These are not the usual experience, especially with complex topics but it never ceases to amaze the client as well as me when it happens.I want to tell you about such a case.

I was treating a woman for the first time in the clinic at the acupuncture school that I work at. She’d had numerous acupuncture treatments for elbow pain and the pain was not resolving. We decided to try EFT.

She’d had a minor injury to the elbow many years before and it never “healed”, in that the pain never resolved.  An injury that never heals, despite treatment, is a big indicator that there is an emotional anchor to a physical problem.

The elbow was extremely sensitive to touch and she wore a brace on her forearm to support the elbow. She also felt that there was an emotional aspect to her elbow pain and she knew it was anger.

She was already positioned face down on the treatment table so we could needle her back, so the only EFT points available to me were her hand points. I tapped on the fingertip points on the same side as the sore elbow while she told the story of how the injury occurred and her feelings about it etc. It was a very simple EFT. After about 10 minutes of tapping, the anger was gone and so was the pain.

Several weeks have passed and she is still pain-free and no longer needs the arm brace.

EFT is versatile,powerful, simple and a truly wonderful healing modality.

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