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Emotional Freedom Techniques

What Happnes During an Acupuncture/EFT session ?

Nancy Lowe, L.Ac., Santa Cruz

26 Oct 2012

What happens during an EFT/acupuncture session?

In my practice, I have the client on the table with acupuncture needles in and I tap on the clients EFT points while they verbalize about the emotions surrounding their issue.

This is different from a typical EFT session in which the client taps on themselves, following the practitioners lead.

EFT is effective by itself. It’s even more powerful when used in combination with acupuncture. Acupuncture supports the qi flow and facilitates the EFT in accessing and releasing unresolved emotional energy.

Research has shown that both acupuncture and EFT bring down cortisol levels. Patients report that they feel the EFT is more effective when they are receiving acupuncture with the EFT.

During a session we target the emotions or story surrounding a specific issue. Very often the belief that drives the emotional state was established in childhood and never got resolved. We have all had the experience of pain from our past affecting our present.

The verbalizing and tapping bring the emotional charge down. When the “emotional dust” settles we can see things with objectivity and clarity. This allows for insight into ourselves and the other people involved and we can see new possibilities and choices that we hadn’t considered before.

“It becomes clear to us that our beliefs about ourselves, such as “I’m not lovable” are misperceptions based on our family culture.”

With EFT we not only become aware of the roots of the repeating patterns in our life ,which is helpful in understanding our reactions and relationships,we also eliminate the emotional charge around the trauma.

With EFT we gain a perspective that we haven’t had before, even after years of therapy. EFT and acupuncture take us beyond intellectual understanding of our issues. They address and re-balance the “stagnation” in our emotional and energetic bodies.

Many chronic physical symptoms are emotionally based and difficult to resolve until the underlying emotional cause is addressed. When the old stuck emotions are cleared the body can come back into balance and symptoms clear.

It can take some time to “re-wire” our brains and change mental habits. EFT is a technique that you can do anywhere and anytime for anything. This self tapping speeds up change and is a wonderful stress reduction technique.


A client came in wanting to break the pattern of binging on sugar in the evening. This is a person who understands herself very well, yet she couldn’t shift this behavior. She would plan and shop for the evenings binge. This was sabotaging her intention to lose weight. She felt hopeless and frustrated.

As we tapped on the sugar issue, we unraveled layers of grief and low self esteem which drove the bingeing. She reports being free from the compulsion to binge on sugar and it’s no longer an issue in her life.

I want to assist you in freeing yourself from the pain of your history so you can be happy and healthy, right here, right now.

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